Home-Delivered Meal Options for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

      Both chronic kidney disease (CKD) predialysis patients and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) dialysis patients are overwhelmed by the restrictions of their respective dietary regimens. This can lead to confusion, nonadherence, laboratory abnormalities, and malnutrition.
      The growing popularity of Internet commerce coinciding with the growing population of CKD and ESRD patients has led to the emergence of kidney-friendly frozen meals purchased online and delivered directly to the patient's front door. Many patients are finding success with the following Web sites without having to plan, cook, or shop for themselves, helping to reduce the difficulties of maintaining a kidney-friendly diet. has been providing chef-prepared gourmet frozen meals since 2005. In 2011, the company introduced and expanded menus for dialysis-friendly and predialysis renal meals. offers both predialysis renal and dialysis-friendly meals restricting sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. Protein is lower in the predialysis renal meals and higher in the dialysis-friendly meals. Each meal comes with a main course and two side dishes and should be supplemented with an appropriate fresh salad, bread and butter, fresh raw vegetables, or fruit. Each of the meal packs (Meal Pack 1, Meal Pack 2, Meal Pack 3) come with 7 different meals. These meals are offered in preselected 7 meal packs or on an individual basis, should you prefer to select specific meals.
      Independent Living Systems (ILS) has been a provider of home-delivered nutritional meals for more than a decade. ILS offers meal menus including regular, diabetic, puree, vegetarian, and kosher meals. Recently, the company has expanded and created RenalHealth and RenalHealth+, which offer a safe and convenient solution to help patients undergoing dialysis treatment maintain a healthy nutritional status. ILS addresses the issue of malnutrition in the dialysis patient with the loss of essential vitamins and a decrease in protein loss from dialysis. ILS meals RenalHealth and RenalHealth+ provide kidney-friendly meals specially formulated and nutritionally appropriate for dialysis patients requiring lower amounts of potassium and phosphorus or other dietary needs. The RenalHealth+ package also includes quality protein and vitamin supplements for those patients who require a higher protein diet and/or need to supplement nutrients lost through dialysis treatment or a restrictive diet.
      The unique dietary requirements for CKD predialysis and ESRD dialysis patients pose many challenges to the patient. The advent of several different lines of Internet-based home-delivery meal options addresses some of these challenges. These meal programs may be options for some of the patient population.
      Feature Editor's note: Magic Kitchen reports using nutrition software analysis to assess nutrient content of their products. ILS reports using nutrition software analysis and an independent laboratory to assess nutrient content of their products. It should be noted that some nutrient values, such as potassium and phosphorus, may not be available within some nutrition software databases, thus reported values may be underestimated.
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      1-877-516-2442 International callers: 650-941-2260www.magickitchen.com174 Frederick Court, Los Altos, CA 94022NationwidePrice range per meal: $11-$14 (plus shipping based on zip code)

      Magic Kitchen Renal Meals (Predialysis)

      Tabled 1Predialysis Meal Pack 1
      MealKcalProtein (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fat (g)SFA (g)Kcal From Fat (%)Cholesterol (mg)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Phosphorus (mg)
      Meal 12902037612165211125674194
      Meal 22802048103.63524269615266
      Meal 35702054325519026540622294
      Meal 438021521122656451412239
      Meal 53402136122.5324035246619313
      Meal 645023481953875322173507198
      Meal 73902230194.5447035115586216
      Meal 1: Mango ginger mahi mahi, grilled squash, rice pilaf.
      Meal 2: Cod with lemon caper sauce, savory rice, grilled peppers.
      Meal 3: Crab cakes, lemon rice pilaf, summer vegetables.
      Meal 4: Shrimp enchilada, Arroz con Gandules.
      Meal 5: Citrus salmon, vegetable paella.
      Meal 6: Chicken and apple curry, zucchini stir-fry.
      Meal 7: Pepper steak, rice, roasted vegetables.
      Tabled 1Predialysis Meal Pack 2
      MealKcalProtein (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fat (g)SFA (g)Kcal From Fat (%)Cholesterol (mg)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Phosphorus (mg)
      Meal 151022243585470413610507214
      Meal 22702010163254562480653249
      Meal 354019214014626533350620189
      Meal 44802244254384043110616200
      Meal 54802137289436045270579293
      Meal 64302356113.517156823027692
      Meal 73502213255385053240672246
      Meal 1: Chicken in wine sauce, cauliflower puree, glazed carrots.
      Meal 2: Grilled salmon with cauliflower, spinach.
      Meal 3: Braised short rib, mashed and green beans.
      Meal 4: Baked tilapia with lemon rice pilaf, peppers, and onions.
      Meal 5: Stuffed peppers with Spanish rice.
      Meal 6: Shrimp in garlic sauce over vermicelli, stir-fry vegetables.
      Meal 7: Baked tilapia a la mushrooms, cauliflower, green beans.
      Tabled 1Predialysis Meal Pack 3
      MealKcalProtein (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fat (g)SFA (g)Cal From Fat (%)Cholesterol (mg)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Phosphorus (mg)
      Meal 13162020187655053574653234
      Meal 238419442364447723643557205
      Meal 340719471643552412671655186
      Meal 4219212372285056380556187
      Meal 52572032622251310492576231
      Meal 63071821177194844712597222
      Meal 72981923156455146584699249
      Meal 1: Beef pepper patty, potatoes, mixed greens.
      Meal 2: Spaghetti and meatballs, green beans, applesauce.
      Meal 3: Apricot chicken with rice, Brussels sprouts, rosemary potatoes.
      Meal 4: BBQ chicken breast, sweet potatoes, broccoli.
      Meal 5: Southwest chicken, cinnamon apples, broccoli.
      Meal 6: Beef meatballs and shells with Alfredo sauce, green beans, squash medley.
      Meal 7: Beef patty with onion gravy, sour cream and chive potatoes, vegetables.

      Magic Kitchen Dialysis-Friendly Meals

      Tabled 1Dialysis-Friendly Meal Pack 1
      MealKcalProtein (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fat (g)SFA (g)Kcal From Fat (%)Cholesterol (mg)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Phosphorus (mg)
      Meal 144032501232395614590563266
      Meal 24503538176369046190652335
      Meal 33502836112.52945416240674228
      Meal 437024242054970415270635249
      Meal 53703128154494023480642301
      Meal 64102633173.537352585633264
      Meal 744032421553290312210648255
      Meal 1: Grilled rosemary chicken, cranberry stuffing, peas, and carrots.
      Meal 2: Chili con carne, savory white rice.
      Meal 3: Pot roast, potatoes, peas, and carrots.
      Meal 4: Roast pork, apples, and cabbage.
      Meal 5: Basil beef stir-fry, rice.
      Meal 6: Seared flank steak, grilled onions, vegetable pilaf.
      Meal 7: Orange glazed pork chops, autumn wild rice, green beans.
      Tabled 1Dialysis-Friendly Meal Pack 2
      MealKcalProtein (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fat (g)SFA (g)Kcal From Fat (%)Cholesterol (mg)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Phosphorus (mg)
      Meal 153041352283411535480550339
      Meal 238028351332025310190548208
      Meal 34403534173269536310479264
      Meal 44803346184.5284547370571259
      Meal 544025272593880513340665261
      Meal 6490383321532315215560391283
      Meal 764031463585475415420598255
      Meal 1: Chicken marsala and pasta primavera.
      Meal 2: Braised beef brisket, green beans, and wild rice.
      Meal 3: Chicken and pasta with red pepper sauce.
      Meal 4: London broil and vegetable pilaf.
      Meal 5: Chile Colorado with Mexican rice.
      Meal 6: Chicken stir-fry with rice and Asian vegetables.
      Meal 7: Roasted turkey with cranberry pilaf.
      Tabled 1Independent Living Systems
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      1-866-257-2010www.ilshealth.com5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 270, Miami, FL 33126Nationwide, Puerto RicoContact company for pricing

      Independent Living Systems Dialysis-Friendly Meals

      Tabled 1
      MealKcalProtein (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fat (g)SFA (g)Kcal From Fat (%)Cholesterol (mg)Fiber (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)Phosphorus (mg)
      Meal 7011382110.
      Meal 7022742929.35.41.3817.6692491456379
      Meal 70325122.828.74.40.8816.2652.4423559365
      Meal 70424726.9254.11.2514.9690.4450429342
      Meal 70526127.
      Meal 70626228.
      Meal 70719321.715.74.30.8521721.5381510344
      Meal 7082683027.34.21.2814.1693394480395
      Meal 7091522113.
      Meal 71025328.926.44.51.315.6691.9402451376
      Meal 71119321.715.74.40.8521721.6381512344
      Meal 71226228.421.96.51.2323.2692.6490575455
      Meal 71325522.531.64.40.8415.4652.8273569366
      Meal 71427431.827.74.21.2813.9695.3463428406
      Meal 71516422.
      Meal 701: Mahi mahi grilled, green beans, noodles with garlic and parsley.
      Meal 702: Honey mustard chicken breasts, corn, rice pilaf.
      Meal 703: Zesty salmon, white rice, diced carrots.
      Meal 704: Lemon pepper chicken breast, fettuccini noodles, diced peaches.
      Meal 705: Alfredo chicken breast, bowtie noodles with garlic and parsley, diced peaches.
      Meal 706: Shrimp in garlic sauce over vermicelli, stir-fry vegetables.
      Meal 707: Grilled orange chicken breast, brown rice, diced carrots.
      Meal 708: Herbed chicken breast, green beans, white rice.
      Meal 709: Sweet and sour mahi mahi, green beans, penne noodles.
      Meal 710: Grilled chicken breast, corn with peppers, rice pilaf.
      Meal 711: Herbed salmon, egg noodles with garlic and parsley, apples with cinnamon sauce.
      Meal 712: Pesto chicken breast, brown rice, green beans.
      Meal 713: Honey glazed salmon, diced carrots, rice pilaf.
      Meal 714: Garlic and onion chicken breast, rice pilaf, green peas.
      Meal 715: Lemon pepper mahi mahi, garlic and parsley bowtie noodles, mixed veggies.