Farewell Editorial

      Eight years later as we prepare to welcome the new co-Editors-in-Chief, we have decided to share some reflections on our term and some thoughts about the future of the Journal of Renal Nutrition (JRN). To begin, we are deeply grateful for the support of our Associate Editors (Deborah Brommage, MS, RD, CSR, CDN; Laura Byham-Gray, PhD, RD; and Juan Jesus Carrero, PhD), Feature Editors (Patient Education: Catherine Goeddeke-Merickel, MS, RD, LD, and Stacey Phillips, MS, RD; Product Update: Jennifer Kernc, RD, CSR, LD, and Sharon Stall, MPH, RD, CSR, CDN), editorial board members, and the hundreds of reviewers and authors who have made the JRN a truly outstanding and authoritative publication in the field of renal nutrition science and dietetics.
      When we began this journey 8 years ago, our goals were to sustain the positive trajectory of the JRN and to strengthen the journal by enhancing its reputation in the nephrology community in the United States and abroad. We also set out to assure that every author would receive a set of high-quality reviews and that the blinded, refereed, editorial process would reinforce their consideration of JRN as an outlet for their work, regardless of whether their paper was eventually published. To assist us in achieving this latter goal, JRN has benefitted from the service of expert reviewers. In these times of increasing demands for service, it is sometimes hard to find individuals who agree to review manuscripts. We thank each and every reviewer for agreeing to provide comments and for consistently finding and commenting on the praiseworthy aspects of papers as well as their shortcomings. We also appreciate the authors' patience and persistence during the editorial process. We can now say that we have met our goals!
      There have been a number of highlights over the past 8 years. One major highlight that deserves special mention is the growth in the impact factor, which increased from 1.57 in 2011 to 2.65 in 2017 (Fig. 1). This is a major accomplishment that can be credited to the caliber of the papers published in JRN and cited by other authors in other journals. Moreover, the editorial board and reviewers were committed to advancing the quality of articles published in JRN by being more selective and timely in recommending or declining manuscripts for publication.
      As we complete our editorship for the JRN in December 2018, we are grateful for the privilege to have served in this capacity for the past 8 years. Speaking on behalf of the editorial team, we are proud that the JRN has provided an effective platform for researchers, scientists, and practicing clinicians to disseminate knowledge about renal nutrition science and dietetics. We thank the National Kidney Foundation Council on Renal Nutrition and the International Society for Renal Nutrition & Metabolism for entrusting us to lead this great resource for our field.
      As we close the door on this chapter in our careers, we are reminded that we could not have succeeded without the dedication and strong work ethic of our Managing Editor, Sheila Gibbons, MS, RD, who, from day 1, has been critical to our success. Finally, our publishers from Elsevier, Sarah Pratta and Livia Bernardi, need special mention for implementation of the journal innovations through their resourcefulness and expertise in publishing knowledge. The JRN has also had a few production managers since our term began who we must acknowledge, namely, Kendra Clayton (2011-2014), Lisa Johnson (2014-2016), Stacey Kauffman (2016-2017), and Rachel Dalton (2017-2018). These individuals have gracefully handled all production aspects of submissions.
      Our congratulations and best wishes to the new JRN co-Editors-in-Chief, Linda Moore, MS, RD, LD, CCRP, and Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD, MPH, PhD. Working with Ms. Moore and Dr. Kalantar-Zadeh during this transition period has assured us that JRN will continue to serve its role in the nephrology community by continuing to be the premier source for renal nutrition science and dietetics research. We are also confident that the incoming Editors-in-Chief will improve the quality of the JRN and will allow it to achieve greater recognition. We wish them further great success with the JRN!
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      Christoph Wanner, MD, and Jerrilynn D. Burrowes, PhD, RD, CDN, FNKF, the co-Editors-in-Chief, Journal of Renal Nutrition, 2010-2018.