Opportunities for Renal Nutrition and Metabolism at the Dawn of 2020s: An Inauguration Message From the New JREN Editors-In-Chief

      Almost 3 decades ago, the Council on Renal Nutrition (CRN) of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) saw a need for publications specific to renal nutrition topics. The Journal of Renal Nutrition, abbreviated as JREN and occasionally also as JRN, was born as a place for renal nutrition and dietetics topics to be shared with dietitians and physicians in the field. First edited by Judy Beto, PhD, RD, the quarterly publication was an exclusive benefit to members of the CRN. The journal quickly became popular among the renal nutrition community while the need for expanding the reader base became apparent within the nephrology community. With the support of the NKF, what had been a CRN exclusive journal then became the first peer-reviewed publication devoted to renal nutrition and dietetics indexed in the National Library of Medicine in 1998. The then editor, D. Jordi Goldstein, DSc, RD, brought the journal into a new era and the topic of renal nutrition to readers throughout the world. Dr. Goldstein and the NKF subsequently engaged the International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism to allow the journal to also represent that prestigious society, and Prof. Denis Fouque was the first International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism co-editor of the journal in 2004. Drs. Goldstein and Fouque carried the journal for the next 7 years, increasing the number of issues from 4 per year to 6 per year and amassing a prestigious editorial board of professionals eager to promote renal nutrition and dietetics across the world. In 2011, Dr. Jerrilynn Burrowes and Dr. Christoph Wanner took the helm and pushed the journal further into being ranked 29th among 76 Urology and Nephrology journals with an impact factor of 2.651. Thus, the journal now has a following with high expectations to be ranked among the best journals in nephrology.
      It is with this background and history that we accept the responsibility of managing and bringing the journal into the next era and providing our readership with quality articles to advance the knowledge of renal nutrition and dietetics across the globe. Drs. Beto, Goldstein, Fouque, Burrowes, and Wanner continue their passionate support to the journal and desire its expansion to further broaden the knowledge of renal nutrition among dietitians, nephrologists, nutritionists, scientists, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, surgeons, pharmacists, and all who have interest in nutrition for patients with kidney diseases. We look to you to perform quality research in renal nutrition and to report your efforts through publications in the Journal of Renal Nutrition as your primary reporting venue. With that commitment from researchers in renal nutrition, together we will provide information across the world for improving the lives of patients with kidney diseases. We also encourage you to publicize the journal's website ( and promote the journal and publications within your social media connections and among your colleagues and peers as the resource for publishing, resourcing, and citing material on renal nutrition and dietetics.