Message From CRN Chair

Published:September 19, 2022DOI:
      We, the national Council on Renal Nutrition (CRN) Executive Committee (EC) members, have reviewed over 450 survey responses. Reviewing these responses which included many, to open-ended questions, has taken time and effort to dissect and come up with some solutions and improvements for the benefit of all the current and future National Kidney Foundation (NKF)-CRN members.
      Let me give an update of all our ongoing projects and our future ones. Several of these projects and activities will hopefully answer many of those questions and gratify some requests in the survey. Visit the NKF website and take a look at the Professional Educational Resource Center, you find this under “member home”: continuing medical education/continuing education. Here you and other professionals have the opportunity to earn continuing education. We are currently adding more continuing education and presentations on current subjects.
      CRN-EC and other renal Registered Dietitians (RDs) continue to contribute to the list of superfoods in the NKF website, so we encourage you and your patients to read and gain information. Most foods are superfoods and they can be incorporated in the meals of any of your patients. Go to and search for “superfoods.”
      Each member of the CRN-EC is working hard, each Region Representative heading their committees, one by adding to the “Speakers Bureau” list. Another by taking the steps to start a Facebook renal dietitian page. Another by updating the CKD RD directory and streamlining the process. Another by reviewing and selecting the nominations for different awards which will be presented during the Spring Clinical Meeting (SCM) next year. Another by working with the Journal of Renal Nutrition editors. All the Region reps and alternates are also communicating with their Region’s CRN Chapters for updates and re-affiliation process. This is re-affiliation or new affiliation time.
      Patients in earlier stages of CKD need to see a renal dietitian, to help them slow down the progression of CKD. We know that low protein and mainly plant-dominant diets will help these patients. But we need the doctors to refer these patients to us. We also need more renal RDs to provide these services. So what are we doing about this? We are collaborating with the Renal Practice Group by helping update the modules available in NIH (NIDDK) for CKD education. We will contact dietetic educators to help them update their curriculums for renal nutrition education. We will also work with universities and internship programs to encourage more students to become renal dietitians, and for the first time, we are having our joint booth during NKF SCM 2023 where our focus audience will be MDs and DOs, to help increase referrals to Medical Nutrition Therapy.
      The SCM Committee members are currently working hard to bring another successful SCM program April 11-15 in Austin, Texas next year. There will be a lot more interdisciplinary sessions including six pre-conference ones. Keep an eye for the preliminary program coming up and get ready to attend in person or virtually. We hope to see you there but remember you can get involved in any of the areas mentioned here, volunteer to write about a superfood, become a speaker, write articles for RenaLink, nominate dietitians for awards, become a CKD RD, and so on.
      Be an active part of the national Council of Renal Nutrition and take advantage of all the current and future benefits. Continue to be leaders in the renal community.
      The best for this holiday season.